About Us

During my 10 years working in the prestige superyacht industry as a Chief Stewardess, I found my passion for flowers. From simple vase arrangements to elaborate table displays and installations, I prepared the yachts to meet the guests requirements whilst being able to get creative for special occasions.

And now I'm here, working in partnership with my friend of 36 years, Jodie Wild, Founder and Director of Eventthemes.co.uk - where we can be both found at the Hampshire Flower Barn near Wickham, Hants.

As a bespoke florist, and by talking with our clients, we can help add the perfect flowers to the perfect day along with any other requirements you may need.   

We will work with you to find out the details needed to make you the perfect arrangements. This way we can learn the reason for the flowers, the colour theme, the mood you want to feel and style which will bring you an individual experience each and every time.  

Whether it is a small intimate party or a large wedding with all the trimmings, we are here for your personal experience.